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Curated Selection of Unique Handmade Irish Crafts

Curated Selection of Unique Handmade Irish Crafts

Explore an exclusive selection of unique handmade crafts available in our shop and featured on our social media.

Hey there,

I frequently get requests to feature the crafts from our social media posts on our website. However, converting these unique handmade crafts into website products isn't straightforward. That's why I've tried to simplify the process! Each item is accompanied by a brief description. I offer a preview of what's available through pictures, the real description lies in these visuals. Sometimes, I'll even include videos on our social media so you can get a better sense of the piece.

This way, you can explore the exclusive selection of unique handmade crafts we have in our shop and showcased on social media.

Once these one-off pieces are sold, we can't get them again! While the artist might create something similar, no two pieces are ever the same. This is why it's challenging to feature them on the website like other products. There are pros and cons to this; these limited-edition pieces are not repeated, making them even more special. So if you see something you love, don't hesitate to make it yours.

I'll feature these pieces for sale on our website for about 48 hours.It wouldn’t be possible to track which one-off piece and remove them from our site. This is why I will offer them on our website a short time. 

So whether you're browsing our website or scrolling through our social media feed, you'll always find a curated selection of extraordinary crafts made here in Ireland.

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